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Wednesday, August 9, 2023


One of the most frustrating elements in organizational life, or personal life for that matter, is dealing with non-answers.

Discovering that there is a problem is not rocket science. Teasing out the root causes of the problem is a little trickier. Addressing the problem is tougher still. 

When we're finally ready to roll up our sleeves and get to fixing the problem, we usually need guidance or permission or assistance or resources. That's the point at which we ask the Boss or the Board or the Team some fairly easy questions about getting started on the repair job. 

If the answers we get to those getting-started questions include stems like: 
"We might..." 
"Maybe we should..." 
"Let's pause just a bit and see if...." 
"Don't do anything until..."

The answer is "NO." 

Getting to "YES, let's fix this problem" is a problem unto itself.

For those committed to continuous improvement, saying "YES" as often as we can is really helpful.

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