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Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Most of us have been "thrown under the bus" at some point in time. Sometimes it happens with malice aforethought; sometimes it occurs as an effect of happenstance.

Either way, it's a most unpleasant experience. 

How we handle being thrown under the bus makes all the difference in how we proceed thereafter.

We can consider these moves in getting ourselves out from under the bus:
  • Take the high road. Recrimination and vengefulness rarely pay worthy dividends.
  • Keep producing. The best way to right wrongs is to prove our worth, which means..........produce desired outcomes.
  • Resist division. Though tempting, alliances and polarization almost always produce negative vibes and worse outcomes.
  • Secure or leverage a mentor from OUTSIDE our organization. We need someone to whom we can talk safely and honestly.
  • Continue to learn and grow from this experience. Just like we do from all the others.
  • Be kind, be pleasant, be professional, be wary.
How we respond to being thrown under the bus makes all the difference.................whether we stay in our current organization or move on to another.

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