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Sunday, July 30, 2023


In most organizations, the end of summer marks a "new" beginning. Rather than January 1, the return of employees (or students) at the end of summer seems the de facto initiation of a work year.

The best leaders I know understand the power of HABIT, on themselves and on the organizations in which they work. In simplest term, HABITS are those things we repeat, again and again, until they occur mindlessly.

Wise leaders also know that talking about it doesn't affect adoption of new habits, nor eliminate bad ones. Doing good habits is the only thing that gets it done.

Some habits worth considering:

  • Focus daily on the vision and driving goals.
  • Frame all meetings around the vision and driving goals.
  • Allocate resources only to things that contribute to the vision and driving goals.
  • Isolate and eliminate "stuff" not directly contributing to the vision and driving goals.
  • Notice employee acts/decisions made in the interest of the vision and driving goals.
  • Converse often and individually with team members about the vision and driving goals.
If we really want to achieve our Vision and Driving Goals..........they pretty much have to become HABITual foci.

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