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Sunday, September 3, 2023


The best leaders I know are constantly doing the work of succession planning.

Most organizational leaders know they are only one minute or one decision away from no longer being the leader.

How do these wise leaders go about the business of succession planning?

  • They hire folks who embody the highest qualities of Emotional and Social Intelligence.
  • They put quality systems in place to carry out the organizations vision and mission.
  • They insist on transparency in the way the organization's business is conducted.
  • They imbue the organization with a mindset of continuous improvement.
  • They cross-train folks up and down the organizational hierarchy.
  • They invest heavily in professional development and mentoring.
Do the leaders hand-pick the next leader? Rarely. On the contrary, when the day comes that they leave the organization (for whatever reason), there remains a stable of highly capable, highly prepared next-generation leaders to choose from.


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