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Thursday, June 1, 2023


Decades ago, one of the students of my lovely bride of 46 years -- Moe -- related to her that he had had an "epiphery." Moe quickly discerned that he was sharing with her about an epiphany, but had mispronounced the word. To this day, Moe and I frequently use the word "epiphery" to describe those breakthrough moments in our learning. 

Some common elements by which Epipheries find us:

  • When we are being intentionally observant.
  • When we carve out time regularly to think and/or meditate.
  • When we are engaging purposefully with bright-minded others.
  • When we cross-pollinate by probing across multiple topics/genres.
  • When we have been focused and fixated on raising our level of learning.
Rarely, if ever, do Epipheries come to us in the midst of a hurricane (literal or metaphorical).

Intentional effort at learning anew seems to play a pivotal role in Epiphery appearances.

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