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Wednesday, June 28, 2023


We all have finite amounts of energy. We deal with endless incoming data, urgencies, people, and demands that compel our attention and energy.

If we want to have optimal impact -- in both our personal and professional endeavors -- we are wise to direct our energy and attention toward the BIG stuff and away from the little stuff.

Consider NOT investing effort-energy-time in the following distractors:

  • Negative Nellies -- These are the complainers, whiners, victims, problem identifiers.
  • Asses -- These are the insulters, the devious, the ill intentioned, the parasites.
  • Non-learners -- These are the change resistors, the bureaucrats, the incurious, the purposefully uniformed.
  • Myopics -- These are the minutae-driven, the small picture, the narrow minded, the knit-pickers, the non-servants. 
Our time, and lives, can be much better spent. 

(But, don't forget to ignore these folks in a respectful manner.)

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