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Sunday, May 21, 2023


How energizing to work with a leader that liberates.

Rather than prescribe, direct, demand, define, ..... there are some leaders who take the path of liberating folks to do their very best work.

What are some of the things Liberating Leaders do?

  • Articulate clearly, and dialogue pervasively around, the Vision of the organization.
  • Focus relentlessly on Outcomes that move the organization toward that Vision.
  • Learn team members strengths and place them in roles that leverage the same.
  • Deal with the low-performers directly and individually, without putting constraints on everyone for the sins of a few.
  • Notice and acknowledge frequently those who are serving well the greater good.
  • Learn voraciously, and bring every other person in the organization into the learning journey.
  • Listen deeply, to a lot of folks; and talk sparingly.
  • Model daily the work ethic, commitment, effort that is expected of all.
Liberating Leaders are simply wonderful to work for/with. 

Ask me how I know...........

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