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Sunday, September 4, 2022


Accomplishing our organizational goals rests heavily on a lot of Talking and a lot of Doing.

Some folks in the organization are excellent Talkers. Some are superb at Doing. A precious few are good at both Talking and Doing.

Leaders are wise to assess (sooner rather than later) the skills of team members in this regard. Placing them strategically in roles that optimize their "gifts" is a consequential act of leadership.

A placement hierarchy to consider when assigning roles:

  1. TalkersDoers >> place in positions of leadership responsibility
  2. Doers >> place in positions of operational responsibility
  3. Talkers >> place in positions of some responsibility (if and only if their Talking is aligned to and advances organizational goals)
Note: Talkers whose talk is disruptive, toxic, or distracting should be marginalized or removed, with haste. The damage they do is a tax on the organization.

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