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Sunday, September 25, 2022


Who among us does not deal with discouragement? Stuff happens, and usually in multiples. There's no need for me to generate a list of discouragement causers: We can all do that for ourselves, without help.

How can we deal with discouragement? Consider the following...

  • Rest - slow down, watch the sunrise, toast the sunset, listen to some lovely music
  • Reset - change physical positions, change environments, change focal tasks frequently (no more than 90 minutes per)
  • Reflect - reassess, re-prioritize, re-learn (or learn anew)
  • Connect - reach out to those you love and love you back (even if briefly)
  • Celebrate - the stuff gone well, the folks who "show up," the many blessings and people that frequently go unnoticed
  • Serve - somehow meet the needs of another (or others), no matter how small the gesture
  • Move - walk, jog, bike, swim, yoga,...something that gets Mind-Body-Spirit into the action together
  • Pray - connect somehow with the God of your understanding
Any one of those things will help dissolve discouragement. 

Multiple of those strategies is downright liberating. 

ALL of them.........is a force multiplier.

May the FORCE be with you.

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