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Sunday, January 2, 2022


Our natural tendency, when feeling threatened, is to tighten, to hunker down, to narrow.

The best leaders I know resist this temptation to "reduce" when faced with difficulties or crises. Instead, they seem to lean into the challenge (or challengers) by increasing engagement levels.

They accomplish this sort of broadening by several means:

  • They accelerate their curiosity and ramp up their inquiry.
  • They turn up their listening ear to its top setting.
  • They slow decision making down (except in cases where safety is imperiled).
  • They invite discourse with a wide range of truth tellers.
  • They shift into hyper reflection mode.
In effect, when the world seems to spin out of control, when the pace gets more frantic, when the pressures heighten, these folks seem to be able to slow and absorb and become more deliberate in the midst of the chaos. 

I'm gonna try to learn to do that better. Broadening is goodening. 

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