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Sunday, January 30, 2022


Organizations have always had lifespans, the inevitable cycle of growth and death. Just ask the Roman Empire, the Third Reich, Polaroid, Block Buster, Lucent, etc. if you doubt it. 

Organizational lifespan is shrinking as result of technology, information pervasiveness, and nimble competition. Organizational obsolescence -- orgsolescence -- occurs at a much quicker pace than at any time previously.

How can organizations mitigate that creep, or sprint, toward obsolescence? 

Vision and adaptability are the elixirs that stand the best chance of curing the disease of orgsolescence. Bureaucracy is the cancer that assures and hastens such orgsolescence. 

Quality leaders understand the daily discipline required to adapt and overcome. And they know that tomorrow, they/we must do it all over again -- IF we intend to survive and thrive, that is. 

Leadership ain't for the wobbly. 

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