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Monday, January 10, 2022


Engagement is a word that has come into the frequently used leadership lexicon. It's a really good word, an even better concept, and an absolutely necessary skill for those of us in the business of influencing others. Some refer to it as "presence."

The level of trust others are willing to afford us is directly proportional to our ability to engage. 

Engagement is MUCH easier accomplished in face-to-face environments. The current digital interaction formatting practices make engagement much more difficult. Still doable, but much more difficult.

Our ability to engage effectively has impact on the following perceptions others have of us:

  • Authentic, or not.
  • Present, or not.
  • Trustworthy, or not.
  • Caring, or not.
  • Interested, or not.

Our ability to engage determines how others feel about us as we interface with them. We have the ability to impact those perceptions.

Finally, authentic engagement is virtually impossible to fake. Most folks have exceptional BS meters when it comes to sniffing out an engagement imposter.

Engaged? Or Disengaged? Our choice.

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