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Sunday, January 23, 2022


Our effectiveness as leaders is directly proportional to our ability to influence others. 

Influence is a powerful force in getting others to voluntarily engage in our collective mission with fidelity. (Directives and coercive behaviors are not.)

Consider including (or polishing up) the following practices that accelerate our influence:

  • Empower others (rather than constrain them). Give team members permission to energetically pursue the vision of the organization by all legal and ethical means. 
  • Expend inordinate resources in developing others. Their level of learning determines their level of performance, and that of the organization. We must be the Lead Learners in this process.
  • Live, speak, and act on values first and always. Never sacrifice values in the interest of attaining success. 
  • Exude transparency and vulnerability. Both foster TRUST (the very foundation of our relationships).
  • Relentlessly demonstrate gratitude for the value others bring to the table, through both tangible and intangible expressions.
  • Talk less. Listen more. 

    Leaders without followers...................................aren't.

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