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Thursday, December 16, 2021


The folks I know who seem the most self-actualized, the happiest, the most at peace are the ones who spend an inordinate amount of time serving others. 

As I watch, and learn from, these service warriors, there are some commonalities I find in their behaviors and thinking. If we (you and I) are inclined to become better servants to others then we might consider some of the following "practices" of the uber-servants I have observed:

  • They practice the art of persistent others-awareness (and spend very little time thinking about themselves).
  • They care not for praise or adulation for their acts of service; in fact, they typically abhor such attention.
  • They are keen and discerning "observers," carefully mining for opportunities to help, even in the most mundane of acts/expressions.
  • They are generous -- with their time, with their attention, with their resources (both tangible and intangible).
  • They do not rank others, but rather, think of and treat ALL as equals on the planet.
Some powerful lessons to be learned from those who are perfecting the art of Service. Their actions truly do speak louder than their words.

Ours can, too.

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