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Sunday, December 12, 2021


Some leaders have a way of persistently humiliating the teams they work with.

Here are some of the common humiliating acts that represent a beat-down to the team:

  • Relentlessly finding fault and assigning blame.
  • Framing failures as character flaws.
  • Constantly upstaging others.
  • Providing unsolicited advice, publicly.
  • Claiming success for the work others have done.
Wanna build a strong and functional team? Don't do that stuff.

Wanna attract and hold high-performing team players? Don't do that stuff.

Wanna propel your organization upward? Don't do that stuff.

Finally, removing the "I" and the "Me" and the "My" from almost all conversations is a good starting point.

Humiliating others is a sure move toward circling the drain.

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