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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


One of the realities of leadership is that the hard calls land on our door step.

The easy decisions will almost always get made down on the third floor, out in the shop, at the distribution center, in the classroom, in the field, etc. 

The more difficult the decision, the more likely that it gets kicked up the food chain. Ultimately those tough calls walk through the door of the leader. The logic is usually (and perhaps rightly), "that's why you make the big bucks." When faced with those tough calls, the menu of options is dependable short and remarkably ugly.

Good leaders, strong leaders, accept this reality and make the tough calls. The best leaders do so with the greater good in mind. The best leaders clearly articulate their rationale for the tough calls made, which engenders the trust of those they work with and around. Not everyone will agree, but most everyone will understand (and be thankful that they did not have to make the tough call).

The worst leaders I know, however, when faced with the inevitable tough calls, deflect, delay, lay blame on others, try to dodge, whine, and even get angry that they were called upon to do their job. Trust is NOT the word that others feel toward them.

Leadership calls for character, and for making hard decisions. If we don't wanna make the tough calls, then we shouldn't sign up for the job.

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