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Wednesday, December 22, 2021


Some of the very best human beings I know embody two powerful dispositions: they are both Humble and Strong.

Here is what I see in and from those Humbly Strong folks:

  • They invite and embrace difference. Diversity does not scare them. They exude confidence that there is plenty of room at the table for all.
  • They do not seek the spotlight (though it often finds them).
  • They intensely focus on serving others, consciously choosing to be givers rather than takers.
  • They voraciously seek new knowledge and understanding. 
  • They are generous to a fault, freely sharing their resources (both tangible and intangible) with others. 
  • They are keenly aware of our minuteness in the grand scheme of life. They feel the greatness and connectedness of THAT that is beyond our humanness. 
  • They exhibit gratefulness and deference every day, in myriad ways. 

Models most worthy of our emulation: Humble, yet Strong.

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