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Sunday, June 20, 2021


 In recent years we have heard the word "makeover" used quite a lot. That word is loosely applied to the results gotten from a day at the spa, to buying and flipping a house, to restructuring one's financial portfolio, to ...........

The case for a complete makeover is often made per the perception that something "ain't working right" and the results we're getting (whether cosmetically, financially, organizationally, health wise) are no longer acceptable. 

Rarely, however, are complete makeovers and epiphany-driven changes warranted. Rarer still do they produce long-term results. Change takes place over time and is the result of incremental, intentional, and stubbornly disciplined effort. 

MakeBetters -- the purposeful approach of continuous improvement processes, made piece-by-piece, inch-by-inch, and day-by-day -- are the surest path to getting better, doing better, being better.

We are wise to pick a few, very important, elements of our life and work and purposefully move the needle in those areas. 

Betterness will surely happen, but almost never will it occur overnight.

Did I say disciplined?

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