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Sunday, June 27, 2021


 We're all in business, of one kind or another. 

Interestingly, all businesses have the same outcome as ultimate goal: to gain and hold "customers."

Also interestingly, there is ubiquitous similarity in the "secret sauce" of making that happen. To gain and hold "customers," we'd best figure out how to reliably do one very important thing: Make their lives and futures better.

Regardless of our vocation or avocation, if the service or product we deliver makes for better lives and futures for our customers, we prosper. And so do they. Most every other contextual element that surrounds that effort -- our processes, procedures, schedules, price points, inventory, workflow allocations, and organizational chart -- boil down to that very one thing. 

Imagine how much better and self-actualizing our "work" would be if we all started each day with crystal clear clarity around the WHY of what we do.

THAT is the essence of effective leadership -- keeping the attention of the organization persistently on that WHY. 

And yes, it's always much easier said than done (probably the very reason most folks don't).

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