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Thursday, June 24, 2021


Full disclosure: Writing this post is a little painful as I look in the mirror and reflect on leadership lessons learned.

We've all know 'em. Most of us have worked for some of 'em. They're the group of folks who have been handed the leadership role in an organization and choose to operate in Control Freak mode.

Here are common outcomes that result from a Control Freak Leadership mindset:

> The stronger folks around us "stand down," waiting to be told what to do, when to do it, how to do it.

> The weaker folks around us gladly let us/others do all the work.

> Creativity, motivation, energy, synergy, and innovation grind certainly downward.

> The most talented team players quietly drift away from the organization.


Some worthy alternative energizing modalities for leaders are:

> Collaboratively paint and communicate a clear picture of the Vision of the organization.

> Encourage ALL members, regardless of role, to pursue that Vision with as much autonomy as possible.

> Invest more time/energy/resources in team growth than in team management.

> Relentlessly notice, acknowledge, praise, and incentivize those who take the "permission" given to achieve both exceptional results and learn-worthy fails.

> Continually seek feedback from all quarters, non-judgmentally, about "how things are going."

Control Freak-ness results in Performance Weak-ness. Dependably.

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