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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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The wisest leaders I know spend a LOT of time on the positive, and as little as possible on the negative. They are particularly purposeful in this respect when it comes to working with their teams.

These impactful leaders are astute discerners of the skills and acumen of team members, and very intentionally fashion the roles of teammates to fit their respective skills sets. Leaders of this ilk understand clearly that folks function best when they are able to leverage their "gifts" as opposed to trying to spend time compensating for their "deficits."

Thus, these results-oriented and smart leaders do several things that optimize the performance of individual team players (and, consequently, the organization):

-They relentlessly focus their attention, planning, and actions on the future.

-They lift up rather than beat down.

-They don't dig up old and buried bones of failures past.

-They constantly fashion work for others premised in Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (see Daniel Pink's thoughts on this topic HERE).

-They regularly bite their tongues and ignore old wounds in the interest of progress for all.

-They understand that Positive and Forward are two sides of the same coin.

Leadership is not for sissies. Never has been.

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