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Saturday, August 20, 2016


The best organizational leaders I know are talent scouts.  They are constantly on the hunt for talented folks they might be able to add to their team, or to their network.  They are also exceptionally adept at raising up talent within their ranks.

What techniques do they use to scout for talent?  These exceptional leaders:

  • Make organizational learning a top priority.
  • Foster an organizational culture that attracts and holds talent.
  • Create "whole jobs for whole people." (Stephen Covey quote.)
  • Reach out personally to talented folks they hear or read.
  • Purposefully interact with out-of-industry folks (it's called cross-pollination).
  • Stay constantly alert for manifestations of talent (both the conventional variety and the unconventional).
  • Intentionally introduce/connect talented others to talented others.
Who wouldn't want to work with/for those kinds of leaders?

"On, Scout."

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