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Friday, August 5, 2016


Paralysis, figuratively speaking, can occur in our personal lives or/and our professional lives. 

So, what triggers that figurative paralysis?  Here are some of the primary antecedents:

  • Lost - we forget what is most important and get distracted by the inconsequential.
  • Mission mushing - we try to do too many things, for too many people, in pursuit of too many objectives.
  • Health sap - we sacrifice our (holistic) health in pursuit of whatever it is we're chasing.
  • Outerfocused - we direct and spend all our energy on outward objectives, forsaking attention to our inner peace.  
  • Multitasking milieu - we let our attention and efforts bounce profusely, rather than staying on one task/thought/project to completion.
Rarely is this state of paralysis fatal (literally or figuratively).  Hitting this "wall" can be an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the things we deem most important.  Then, we can re-order and re-distribute our thinking/effort/learning/energy accordingly.  

We simply cannot function effectively if we are not centered and grounded - emotionally/spiritually, intellectually, and physically.  

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