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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Gaining a clearer view of things is harder than it appears.  If greater clarity is a goal, consider this recipe:

  1. Be authentically willing to "see more clearly."
  2. Be prepared to suspend one's own biases, prejudices, and pre-conceived notions.
  3. Seek the perspective of others, even if (especially if) they think, look, and behave differently than oneself.
  4. Invest thoughtful reflection upon the varied perspectives one can garner.
  5. Triangulate said perspectives against whatever obtainable data exists.
  6. Percolate slowly over an extended period of time (can't microwave "clarity").
Clarity is elusive.  Clarity evolves slowly (the stickier the problem, the slower the evolution).  Gaining clarity doesn't always "settle the issue."  Clarity does, however, inform our thinking and decisions about living and leading well. 

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