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Thursday, August 11, 2016


What is dead weight?  It's an unenergized, unhelpful, and distracting drag on progress.  It impedes the ability to move forward.  Dead weight requires a great deal of effort on the part of the non-dead-weight components/membership.

We experience dead weight in organizations quite a lot.  What does it look like?

  • Systems, processes and procedures that burn time, with little or no value added.
  • Meetings that have no real purpose, or are poorly conceived and deployed.
  • Initiatives and strategies that are cool and trendy, but completely disconnected from our core purpose(s).
  • Players who can't add or won't add or (even worse) intentionally avoid adding value to the endeavor.
What drags us down wastes our time, it squanders precious energy, it impedes our pursuit of betterness.  Leaders and effective teams must identify it, must call it what it is, and must diligently root it out.

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