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Friday, July 29, 2016


Leadership development is not the responsibility of the human resource department.  It is the responsibility of the current leadership team.  We cannot abdicate the job of building the capacity of our organization's next generation of leaders, whether that organization be our family, our church, our charitable organization, our business, or our nation.

The work of attending to leadership succession is not only a fundamental responsibility of current leaders, it is also an amazing opportunity to shape the future culture and impact of our organization(s).  And, since most of us belong to multiple organizations that are nested within one another, that overlap with one another, that are intertwined with one another, and that are juxtaposed to one another, that development of future leaders is significant and consequential.

Thus, the very intentional and deliberate development of our children, our volunteers, our teachers, our sergeants, our sales people, our ........., will make all the difference in the world for them as individuals, and for the future of our organizations, and to the world that will evolve beyond our passing.

Notice that the root word of succession is success.  Time to reflect, revisit, and revise our role in this critically important process. 

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