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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


There is a difference between image-protecting folks and image-managing folks.  

The image-protectors are adept at taking advantage of situations to protect or embellish their image.  They readily caste blame on others to protect or embellish their image.  They skillfully avoid decisions and responsibility that might tarnish their image.

Image-managing folks are cut from a different cloth.  They understand the power of image both on their own reputation and that of the organizations (e.g., families, schools, businesses) with which they are associated.  They are acutely aware of how their language, their habits, their movements, their interactions, and their relationships leave impressions, lasting impressions, on others.  Thus, they manage their image in the interest of ultimately enhancing the lives of others.

In short, the image-protecting characters are motivated by selfishness.  Image-managing people, on the other hand, operate from a mindset of selflessness.  Big difference, and it's usually not difficult to detect which ones are which.  

Know which ones you want on your team? 

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