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Monday, July 4, 2016


"Stuff" happens!  Crises, storms, divorces, births, bankruptcies, hurricanes, weddings, death, job promotions, firings, etc.  Lots of "stuff" happens to us that trigger emotional responses.  It is perfectly natural to experience those emotions when "stuff" happens.  

Always, ALWAYS (unless we were the one that died), there is life on the other side of the "stuff."  The sun comes up tomorrow.  The storm recedes.  The job promotion, with great pay, begins to feel like work.  The next chapter of life begins.  It is at this threshold, on the backside of "stuff," that we define ourselves and our futures.

And, it is at this point also that we must consider and craft the future beyond "stuff" that we want.  We must think and act from a base of clear-headed rationality and intention, putting the generated emotional state on the shelf.  

Why?  Because the emotional states subside just as quickly as the "stuff" that triggered them.  Purposeful choosing is not an emotion.  

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