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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Those in leadership positions bear the blessing/curse of having weight attached to their words.  The very essence of leadership can be equated to skills in communicating.  Leaders communicate in lots of ways, but words are the most typical vehicle of influence. 

What are some key concepts that leaders should keep in mind as they fashion their influential words?  For your consideration:

  • Be precise and be succinct.  Much muddled mush obscures actionable meaning.
  • Speak always in terms of we/us, not I/me.
  • If you don't (or can't) mean the words, don't say them.  Disingenuousness is easily detected.
  • Connect with the audience, somehow; it is best done through stories.
  • Be measured and calm in delivery.  Bombast and emotion are discomforting.
  • Lift up, don't tear down.
  • Paint the picture of a better future.
Words wisely chosen can affect much good.  (The converse is true as well.)

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