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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We tend to experience life in the now, in this moment, as if it is a snapshot.  Dismay, elation, happiness, grief, pride, love and so many other emotional states seem to envelope us right now, today.

Yet, life plays out rather like a movie.  To be sure, the moments, events, the experiences have a specific date and time attached to them (just like a snapshot).  However, when we think of and view our lives as a movie, we have tremendous power to affect the "story" as it unfolds.

We write the script.  We greatly influence the way the story unfolds.  We have ultimate control of how the main character - ourself - is developed, we have the power to foster healthy relationships (or not), we can impact our world through acts of service (or not), we can gently engage with the planet upon which we live (or not), and we can choose to commune authentically with the God of our understanding (or not).

The snapshots count, but the movie matters most.  

Lights, camera, ...

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