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Friday, June 10, 2016


Authentic learning and growth are always, ALWAYS, coupled with mistakes, screw ups, and failures.  Whether it's learning how to walk, how to write, how to parent, or how to run a business, failures are going to happen along the way.

As mentors, parents, and leaders, our job is not to impugn, embarrass, or malign those within our sphere of influence when they make those inevitable mistakes.  Rather, it is to teach them how to glean the lessons from those mistakes, to use the missteps reflectively to sharpen their skills and abilities, and to leverage the booboos in forecasting future moves and possible outcomes.

On the other side of the ledger, being members of that cohort of mistake makers, we must learn to own the mistakes we make, to not drift immediately and persistently into modes of damage control and denial, and to avoid the slippery slope of transferring the blame for our own errors toward others.  (We witness these egregious behaviors daily in the actions and reactions of many of our political leaders.)

Failing along the pathway to betterment is a necessary part of growth, and righteous ownership of those errors/mistakes is one of the healthiest components of that process.

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