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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


A handwritten letter sent via the postal service will still get the message to the receiver.  A horse with a saddle will still get us from one town to the next.  A blackboard and chalk can still serve as a presentation method by which to convey information.  Oxen pulling a plow can still be used to farm the land.  The card catalog in the library can still be used as the look-up tool for research.

But why?  Why would we choose anything less than the most robust tools available to achieve our goals?

If we cling to old ways of doing things for sentimental reasons, perhaps we can be forgiven (who doesn't like riding in a classic car?).  If we cling to obsolete tools for ulterior motives, perhaps we can be forgiven.(digging a hole with a shovel is great exercise).  However, if we opt for antiquated and/or less efficient ways of doing things simply because we're too lazy or afraid to adopt the use of more powerful tools, it's probably time for some self-reflection.

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