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Thursday, June 30, 2016


One of my mentors claims that 90% of success in life is accomplished by simply "showing up."  When I first heard that assertion I was a bit skeptical.  As I have observed successful people in action for over five decades, however, I have come to accept that idea as credible.

Another way to phrase the concept of "showing up" is to think of it as being fully "present."  Some folks physically show up, but they're not present.  Some folks show up, but they're not accessible.  Some folks participate in a conversation, they technically show up, but they're not really present.  Some folks gladly don a job title (some quite lofty) and show up (mostly for the goodies), but they're not present.

Being present, really showing up, does not guarantee that we'll be more loved or richer or smarter or healthier or more respected.  It does, however, get us a lot closer to those things than not showing up.

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