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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Inertia happens!  In life and in work.  We sometimes hit that spot where we feel stymied, stumped, paralyzed, unable to git-r-done.

But, why?  Experience indicates a number of antecedents to inertia:

  • We lose our passion.
  • We allow ourselves to become de-energized.
  • We begin to settle for average.
  • We get "comfortable."
  • We stop pushing our limits.
  • We quit learning new stuff.
  • We forget what our goals are/were.
  • We forsake trying something new.
  • We grow tired of what we're doing.
  • We get centered on "self" instead of focusing on service to others.
It's actually a self-imposed malady.  We allow ourselves to slip into that mindset when we forsake our self-discipline.  The good news is we are also the only ones that can jettison ourselves out of that state.

So, how do we fight through the inertia?  
Look at that bulleted list above, pick two or three or five of those items and 
It's simply a choice; nothing more, nothing less.

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