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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A parent from the school I serve (Guthrie CSD in Guthrie, Texas) passed a book along to me a couple of months ago.  The title of the book was The Circle Maker (Mark Batterson, 2011).

In the book Batterson examines the role of prayer in the Christian life.  Through reference to scriptural stories and through anecdotal experience, he provides interesting assertions about the need, the causes, and the effects of prayer.

Having been raised in the Christian faith, and having worshiped with those of various Christian "dialects," I have seen and experienced the act of prayer from many perspectives over the last half decade. 

Some of my current musings about prayer:

  • Prayer is more about communion with the God of my understanding than it is about asking for or receiving tangible/intangible benefits.
  • Prayer is more about "centering" myself in the will of God than it is about God running my life.
  • Prayer heightens my awareness of both how insignificant I am in the universe and how important I am in the relational tapestry of life.
  • Prayer makes me acutely aware of how dependent I am on the God of my understanding, and on the interconnected systems God has crafted.
  • Prayer magnifies my "oneness" with others of like mind and like spirit.
  • Prayer humbles and inspires me.
Thanks for sharing this book with me, MJ.  You pushed my learning.

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