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Saturday, November 8, 2014


We go crazy when...

  • Others "just don't get it."
  • We lose touch with reality.
  • We don't understand why.
  • The tasks and the outcomes don't seem to mesh.
  • The effort/thinking/motivations are scattered all over the place.
  • Decisions make absolutely no sense.
  • Hurting others becomes the norm.
  • We can't seem to get all the pieces to "fit."
  • The workload seems all askew.
  • Complaining trumps complimenting.
  • A sense of futility pervades.
  • The work is simply undoable.
  • The boss is completely disconnected.
Sound like some work places you've seen?  Or been a part of? Me, too.

Craziness is both cause and effect of depression (in humans and in organizations).

Now for the million dollar question:  How do I contribute to the craziness?
And a second million dollar question:  How can I stop contributing to the craziness?

Turning toward sanity (i.e., getting better) starts with me - one word, one act, one step, one thought, one decision at a time.

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