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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In a recent conversation with my lovely bride of 37 years (Moe), we were discussing the futility of waging war with nature.  Oddly, we humanoid types have historically tried to monkey around with nature by building dams, genetically modifying crops, killing vegetation with all kinds of weapons, clearing brush, creating bacteria-killing drugs, etc., etc., etc. 

While some of our efforts at “playing God” seem to bear fruit for a short period of time, what happens more often than not is that nature plays a trump card on us.  A tornado blows through, a drought sets in, bacteria morph into something different and more resilient, coyote populations explode, and so forth.  In effect, we get humbled.

The older I get the more convinced I am of the futility of waging war with Mother Nature (or whatever you want to call her/him).  Moe and I find ourselves rapidly evolving toward living/working practices that work with the rhythms of nature, rather than against.  

The end result is no different – Mother Nature still wins.  But at least the frustration and effort and resources on our side of the equation are greatly reduced.

Something to consider…

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