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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My lovely bride of 36 years (Moe) often reminds me that we MUST see current movies, read current literature, stay digitally connected, etc., in order to remain relevant.  She wisely understands that as we approach our golden years it will be easy to begin coasting, to disconnect, as it were, from the hubbub of a very fast-paced modern world.  

Moe’s admonition to me has everything to do with us being able to engage and interact comfortably with our children and grandchildren right up to the point when the iconic large female tunes up for our final song.
I can’t help but draw connections to my chosen profession of education, but I think Moe's admonition is probably equally applicable to almost all other professions.  The world is changing at speeds and in ways we could not have even conceived only 10 years ago.  As professionals in any field of work, we risk becoming “irrelevant” if we choose to hang on to the old ways of doing things simply because they are the comfortable ways. 

In today’s environment of accelerated everything, “irrelevance” can overtake us rather quickly. 

All the more reason to keep LEARNING atop the list of our daily objectives.

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