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Monday, October 14, 2013

I Trust Him Completely

While driving down the road recently my lovely bride of 36 years (Moe) and I met the oncoming vehicle of an employee of the school where I work (I’ll call him Sam).  We waved, as is required in west Texas (whether you know the person or not, and whether or not you’ve just spoken to them a few minutes prior).  

I commented on what a good man Sam is, and suffixed the sentence with this phrase: 
“I trust him completely.”

Moe immediately noted what a powerful statement that was/is about another person.  

How many of us know someone like that among our friends, in our organization, or in our family?  Someone that we trust implicitly?  
It's not that they won’t or don’t make mistakes, or even that we agree with them all the time.   It's that their intentions, motivations, and effort are never in doubt.  

“I trust him completely.”

Quite a tribute, huh?

Now I’m gonna think about why I think of Sam that way.  

I’m sure there’s things I can learn from him (even though he doesn't know he's teaching me).

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