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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Pole

For the last 20ish years, I have been associated with schools (both large and small) that each had students/staff who engaged in a process on one Wednesday morning each September dubbed “See You at the Pole.”  It is a nationwide phenomenon, voluntarily undertaken by students and adults on school campuses to reinforce the importance, and the power, of lifting a unified voice in prayer on behalf of their respective schools and communities, and for our nation as a whole. 

I am a man of faith, and believe in the power of those collective voices and spirits raised in supplication for guidance, strength, safety, and blessing. 

You don’t even have to subscribe to a particular faith to engage in a process of that sort.  In fact, most faiths recognize and leverage the power of combined spirits in a common and worthy cause.

Empirical research evidence on influence, collective endeavor, and mind over matter (read about Noetic Science if you’re interested in that concept) indicate real “power” in the melding of common intent and action by a group of committed folks.

Bottom line: I have been proud at each of the schools I have served to have been a part of a group of people who sanctify time to appeal to the God of their understanding to bless, sustain, and enrich their schools, their communities, and this nation.  Whether you believe in some higher power, or simply in collective power, “See You at the Pole” is still a moving ritual in the interest of making for the very best futures for ALL who have a stake in those schools.

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