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Monday, September 9, 2013


There is an activity I’ve seen used in classrooms that challenges students to capture the essence of an idea, an object, an event, or a person in only three words.  It’s really quite interesting and informative to see how different students (different minds) conceptualize and synthesize the prompts in only three words. 

For instance, with the prompt of “Christmas,” one student might capture the essence in these three words: “family, exciting, fun.”  Another student might capture it this way: “blessed, holy, love.”  And yet another: “painful, dispiriting, agonizing.”  Same event, three very different conceptions. 

If we were to ask ourselves what three words best capture the essence of _________ (insert our own name here), what would they be? 
(How you think of you >>>)    1)_____?_____, 2)_____?_____, 3)_____?_____

And just as importantly, what three words might others use to capture the essence of _________ (insert our name here)? 
(How others think of you >>>)    1)_____?_____, 2)_____?_____, 3)_____?_____

We have great ability to influence those conceptions and perceptions (both our own and those of others) in this regard.  In fact, we can do it in a very deliberate and purposeful manner.  Starts with thinking about our own beliefs and behaviors and aspirations.  Once we have some idea of what we believe, how we want to behave, and the contributions we choose to make for a better world/future, then we can act on it.  

Ultimately, it comes down to this: How do we want others to think of us?

Your three words for  __________ (insert our own name here)?
1)_____?_____, 2)_____?_____, 3)_____?_____

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