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Saturday, September 7, 2013


We get pretty busy doing “stuff.” We invest tons of our time, money, labor, energy into making “stuff” happen.

A valued friend and colleague recently referred to some of his father’s guidance to him as a young man.  His dad taught him that you could tell what was important to a person by watching three things:
  1. How they spend their time.
  2. How they spend their energy.
  3. How they spend their money.
It is rather important for us to think carefully about what it is we get so busy doing, what we invest ourselves in.  The best stuff - things like friendship, faithfulness, love, relationships - is built over time, powered by our constant attention and personal investment.

Marvelous are the results when our busyness is tightly aligned to and synchronized with our business (in my case, the business of LEARNING).  When that dynamic exists, some pretty cool "stuff" results.

Guy Clark has penned and recorded a nice reminder titled, “Stuff That Works” (you can view/hear it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgCyXw2EWuA).

Think I’ll spend this day doing “stuff” with the people I love.

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