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Sunday, April 28, 2024


As leaders, we can create the conditions of our own demise. 

Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid if we intend to truly make a difference:

  • Become Disconnected - Losing focus on the most important things the we are trying to achieve.
  • Stay in the Spotlight - Letting "it" become about us, rather than about what we are trying to achieve.
  • Remain Mushy - Allowing meetings and work processes to become bogged down in the meaningless and minutae.
  • Talk Too Much, Listen Too Little - Being enamored with our own voices (and thoughts).
  • Fail to Notice - Disregarding and devaluing those doing the necessary work, up and down the food chain.
It's a doom loop that guarantees failure and stagnation if we choose to engage in those practices.

Reminded of a mantra from my former life as an athletic coach: "We'd better be in the business of getting better everyday; our competitors most certainly are."

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