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Monday, April 8, 2024


I once read that the surest thing about communication is that all attempts at it fail. Seems spot on.

Effective communication is hard enough when our intentions are noble. When attempts at communication are purposefully (or negligently) undermined, it verges on being downright sinful.

Here are some common and surefire ways to toxify communications:

  • Mushify the language to the point that the ambiguity guarantees multiple meanings/understandings will result.
  • Persistently speaking on behalf of others (and allowing it to continue unchallenged).
  • Assuming silence to be affirmation or agreement. It isn't.
  • Avoid addressing difficult topics, or dance around them.
  • Attacking the person rather than the position they are taking. The classic art of diversion.
Meetings are regularly highjacked by such behaviors and tactics. The chair of the meeting can do much to interdict these toxicities. Group norms that prohibit them are even better.

But..................that's only if we want to be productive and impactful in our work.

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