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Sunday, March 24, 2024


One of the first exemplary leaders (aka JB) I worked for taught me the immense value of slowness.

JB exuded an aura of stoicism, unflappability, studiousness. I now better understand WHAT he was doing, and WHY. JB understood, and was teaching me, that those of us who lead others are wise to move slowly as often as possible (true emergencies where lives are in danger being the exception).

Here are some of the instructive ways JB moved slowly:

  • He was slow to "fix," or try to solve the problems of, others.
  • He was slow to start talking, preferring to question and deeply listen first.
  • He was slow to accept the assertions/allegation/reports of the first (or only) "reporter."
  • He was slow to jump to conclusions and make impactful decisions without researching thoroughly and seeking insight from wise others.
  • We was slow to adopt novelty in whole cloth fashion, preferring to treat "new ways of doing it" as pilot projects that could be tweaked as they were being explored and adapted.
  • He was slow in physically moving about, recognizing that when the leader appears "on fire" it has a disruptive and unsettling effect on others in the organization.

Thankful to this day for both the direct and indirect guidance I received from JB. Thankful, too, that I had him to learn from early in my career/life. 

I'd bet good money that JB is today one of the slowest movers in heaven.

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