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Wednesday, March 13, 2024


The most impactful leaders and influential mentors I know are skillful in the art of projecting power. 

Not power OVER, but power TO. They effectively cause others in their sphere of influence to feel more powerful. 

Some strategic moves those impactful influencers make are:

  • Seek - They persistently seek input, feedback, advise, and counsel.
  • Include - They include others, in the discussions, in processes, in decisions.
  • Listen - They ask good questions and listen "deeply" to the answers.
  • Care - They show care, at multiple levels, in many ways.
  • Empower - They give authority, monitor the work, follow-up regularly.
  • Praise - They express gratitude profusely, both publicly and privately.

With power comes responsibility. That is the constant drumbeat underneath that projection of power.

Notice please, that not one of those strategies requires a line in the budget.

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