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Sunday, March 31, 2024


Leaders in organizations have tremendous impact on others. How we operate and behave has everything to do with how our team(s) perform.

Here are some common habits that consistently cause a team to deflate:

  • Meetings Malfeasance - show up late, start late, arrive unprepared, allow un-agendaed items/discussions
  • Emotional Potluck - responses toward others are unpredictable, emotional, thoughtless, reactive
  • Vacuous Vagrancy- appear disinterested, too busy, disengaged, uncaring, perpetually distracted
Each of the deflating elements above are grounded solidly in a ME-first rather than WE-first mentality. It's treatable, and curable. But Deflationary Leader Syndrome must first be self-diagnosed and then aggressively addressed with very intentional intervention.

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