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Sunday, January 7, 2024


Life seems to have never moved so quickly. Our attention spans seem shorter, the news cycles are quicker, the information portals to which we have access spin like tops, our work tools appear to be on steroids. Good or bad or both, this warp-speed life is the reality with which we live.

With that life-pace in mind, we are wise to continue (or revive) a commitment to begin anew each day. Regardless of the "speediness" of life, it does not and cannot add a single minute to the day. 

Some good reflective questions:

Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing, to make the world a better place?

Am I letting go of things that do not move me toward my higher purpose?

Are my thoughts, words, and actions promoting love and acceptance to/for others?

If the answer to any of these is "no," perhaps we should tap the brakes...

Today (and every day) is a good day to re-begin-again.

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