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Sunday, January 21, 2024


We all engage in living our lives according to a set of goals. Those goals may have to do with relationships, or professional achievements, or financial aspirations, or ??? There are a bazillion possibilities.

Our level of faithfulness to those goals is directly proportional to the amount of time, effort, and attention we dedicate to them.

As well, opportunities to deviate abound. We are steadily offered opportunity to "compromise," to "cut corners," to "make exceptions" to the outcomes we have chosen.

That's where our faithfulness comes into play. Knowing the lines we will not cross, understanding the compromises we are unwilling to make, considering carefully the "not gonna" calculus is an immensely helpful exercise for us. 

A simple and liberating recipe:

  • Consider carefully the NOBLE and WORTHY goals to which we'll be dedicating ourselves.
  • Clearly articulate those goals for ourselves and others. 
  • Make clear the compromising boundaries we will never cross in pursuing those goals.
These are important considerations for each of us as individuals. They are incalculably more important for those of us who lead organizations -- families, houses of faith, businesses, schools,.... 

Those who trust us must always be confident that "our anchor will hold."

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