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Sunday, April 2, 2023


Getting better is a tough slog. It doesn't matter if we're talking about our personal "state" or that of our organization. Why? Because getting better always means a change in the current state. Change is hard even if we agree that it's needed. It's particularly hard if we don't.

There are three common and powerful Impediments to betterness efforts: 

  • Recalcitrance -- Either through laziness or fear, resistance seems baked into our DNA. Even if our current state ain't all that great, we lean into the safety of the "known."
  • Distraction -- Magicians, con artists, and resistors play this card on us all the time. By taking our attention off of what's really happening, they divert us from facing current realities.
  • Whining -- Playing the victim is a common ploy. It's the commiseration party. Whiners attempt to absolve themselves of all responsibility, for both current or future states.
An absolute indisputable fact about the current state is that it IS going to change. 

We can either affect the shape of that change, or we can engage in Recalcitrance, Distraction, and Whining.

Progress, anyone?

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